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Loncoche Wastewater Treatment Plant

El Tabo marine outfall installation

ConCon - Quintero water main installation.

IFARLE has specialized in the Sanitary, Hydraulic & Environmental Engineering. In particular the following fields has been developed recently:

  • Wastewater treatment & Disposal.
  • Reclaimed water systems following advanced wastewater treatment
  • Biosolids treatment for beneficial use or disposal
  • Marine outfalls
  • Water Supply and Treatment.
  • Storm Water Management.
  • Trenchless pipeline installation technologies (Pipe Jacking, Microtunelling, Relining, etc.).
  • Flow Macro-measurement plans and Leakage Control.
  • Environmental Impact studies.
  • Development Plans for Sanitary companies.
  • Tariff studies.
  • Solid Waste Facilities.

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