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Preliminary Treatment at Pitrufquen WWTP

Grecia - Quilin Stormwater discharge to Zanjon de la Aguada

Pitrufquen WWTP

Services offered by IFARLE go through integral management of projects or through partial services including feasibility and economic evaluation, conceptual design, detailed design, design-build(turnkey) projects, bidding documents, inspection and supervision of works, and start up & operation of facilities. For existing facilities we provide diagnostic services and corrective action plans.

The main areas of work are:

  • Water systems: Production, Treatment, Regulation & Distribution.
  • Wastewater systems: Collection, Treatment and Disposal.
  • Gas systems: Distribution networks.
  • Storm water systems: Collection and Disposal.
  • Tariff studies.
  • Watershed and stormwater basin management: Planning, Drainage, Flood Protection & Remediation.
  • Hydraulics: Channels, Lift stations, intakes.
  • Industrial wastewater: Collection, Treatment & Disposal.
  • Urban development: Pavement, water distribution, wastewater collection, storm water collection, power distribution.
  • Environmental Impact: Studies, Declarations, Audits. Environmental Management.

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